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Open+ Expert

The Ulitmate Control Of Your Windows Association! TM

About Open+ Expert
Key Benefits & Features
Sample screen shots
System requirements

To find out about the core functionality of our Open+ products click here.

About Open+ Expert

The core of Open+ offers a powerful way of controlling your associations -- without actually altering any of Windows associations. Open+ Expertís additional features are designed for you to be able to track changes made to your file associations and extensions in your Windows registry, and in many cases, restore any unwanted changes that occurred.

Key Benefits and Features

Includes special features for tracking changes in the Windows Registry.

Does not alter your actual Windows Registry associations or extension settings.

Takes snapshots of the specific areas of the Registry for tracking purposes.

Can be used to quickly find and reverse unwanted association changes in the Registry.

Shows additional and extensive diagnostic info on extensions and associations.

Allows you to print snapshots and diagnostic information.

Gives you the best possible solution for common problems.

Really let's you know what's going on with your extensions and associations.

Absolutely no configuration changes necessary.

Sample Screen Shots

Here you see the main Open+ Expert screen with the changes to a Windows registry being listed. Here you can restore some or all your associations back to normal; take another snapshot; or use the analysis options to determine what is happening with your exentions and association.

System Requirements


486 or higher




64MB minimum, 128 recommended


SVGA resolution of 800x600 or greater

Disk Space

5MB before installing, 10MB afterwards


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