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About Open+
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About Open+

Do you like to use different programs for different tasks on the same kind of files? For example, would you do a quick view of a graphic file with one program, but edit it with another? Or, do you create your own websites? Want to make sure that your pages work on many different browsers?

Windows only let's you assign one application to a single file type. And, believe it or not, this is a problem for most people...even possibly for you! Open+ is inexpensive and the easiest way to make Windows work the way you want.

Key Benefits

Open your files with the applications you want, all the time.

Always have your favorite progam start when clicking on a file.

No need for several configurations of file associations -- ideal for: classrooms, software testing/reviewing.

Control over Windows XP Previewers

Eliminates issues of programs fighting over extensions, e.g.: multimedia players.

Use multiple versions of programs, e.g., browsers, viewers, accounting packages etc.

Prevents newly installed programs from hijacking extensions.

Eliminates the "Open With..." box that appears when Windows doesn't recognize the file type.

Your icons will remain the same regardless of your Open+ settings so you always know on what you are clicking.

All these add up to a great time saver and frustration buster.

Key Features

Uniquely associates multiple programs with multiple extensions.

Automatically gives you a Pick List when you click on a file and sets up more than one program to work with that file.

Allows you to override Windows default association and/or bypass your Pick List with "Make Default."

Has categories of associations which can be turned on/off with a simple click.

Shows version information with every program for people using multiple versions of products.

Lets you control your applications without altering them.

Automatically scans your system and creates the settings for your system.

Can use it immediately, right out of the box.

Absolutely no configuration changes necessary.

Goes to work for you immediately.

Does not alter your actual Windows Registry associations or extension settings.

Typical Uses

Accounting, bookkeeping, digital camera software, editing, email attachments, graphic design, I.T. work, multimedia players, programming, software reviewing, software testing, teaching and much more.

Sample Screen Shots

Open+ works with 3 simple lists. Programs on the right, extensions in the middle and your custom associations on the left.

Click here or on the image above to see a more complete example of the choices list.

System Requirements


486 or higher




64MB minimum, 128 recommended


SVGA resolution of 800x600 or greater

Disk Space

5MB before installing, 10MB afterwards


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