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Capio Corporation develops software solutions that make Windows® easier to use.  We are experts at creating low-cost, high-value solutions that give users of Windows® increased control over what is happening with their systems and the ability to prevent problems from occurring.

Capio Open+

The first product available through the Utility Manager is the Open+. This product gives you the power to make sure that your files are always opened by the right application by allowing you to quickly and easily choose which software program owns which tasks. When you open a file Open+ instantly presents a list of programs to ask “Which application would you like to open this file?” You can then easily and rapidly choose which program you want to launch the file, instead of being at the mercy of the applications that have taken over your documents. You can also dictate that specific programs always open certain file types, so you do not have to pick from the list each time you open a file.


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