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Whether you are a home user or a high-tech. professional, there is an Open+ for you.












Open+ Expert



Capio Utility Manager








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Key Benefits:









The unique ability to associate many programs with many extensions in Windows.

...Does not tamper in anyway with your actual Windows associations. Your icons will remain the same regardless of your Open+ settings so you always know what you are clicking on.



Your settings in Open+ will always override Windows associations.

...Never again will you have to suffer the inconvenience of installing new programs that "take over" associations on your computer that you then somehow have to try and restore.



Includes a number of "Quick Start" features.

You will be using Open+ with speed and confidence - within minutes.



For additional benefits check out our Expert Edition.










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Open+ Expert








Key Benifits:









All the features of Open+, plus...



Allows you to see all changes made to your file associations at a glance from a Snapshot that you make.



Allow you roll back all or select changes made to your file associations.



Provides comprehensive diagnostic information about your Windows File Associations.






Click here to find out more about Open+ Expert.







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Capio Utility Manager








With Capio Utility Manager all your Capio Utilities are maintained in one place, hassle free!






Capio Utility Manager™ is a free, convenient application that allows you to keep up to date on the latest additions to our Windows® utility suite. You can download our products and conveniently get product upgrades. You can also use the Utility Manager to tell us what Windows® problems you would like us to solve next, to tell your friends about our sanity-saving applications, and to get assistance from Capio.

Capio Utility Manager contains several useful things. The
Open+ products operate from within the Utility Manager. You can refer us to your friends using the Utility Manager. You can request support from Capio, and tell us what you would like us to solve, all using the Capio Utility Manager.






System Requirements




486 or higher








64MB minimum, 128+ recommended




SVGA resolution of 800x600 or greater



Disk Space

5MB before installing, 10MB afterwards








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